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Area of Research in Entomology 

Lines of Research in Entomology:

Line 1. Biology, ecology and management of plague insects and mites

Project Themes:

  • Diversity integrated management of mites in annual and perennial crops;
  • Ecology of agriculturally important insects in southern Brazil and Uruguay;
  • Management of integrated plague insects in annuals crops and fruit trees in southern Brazil;
  • Technologies to the integrated management of plagues of the vine and of the orcharding of clime temperature.

Line 2. Control and resistance of arthropods to insecticides

Project Themes:

  • Bioecologia and the susceptibility  of cultural plague to chemistry insecticides and biological with emphasis on Management Resistance to Insects (MRI);
  • Resistance of arthropods plants and insecticides plants.

Line 3. Biologic control of plagues and selectivity of pesticides the natural enemy

Project Themes:

  • Bioecologia and biological control of plague insects in fruit trees on temperate climate;
  • Selectivity of pesticides used on annuals and perennials crops to predators and parasitoids;

 Line 4. Molecular biology of insects

Project Themes:

  • Cell biotechnology applied to a prospect of biomolecules having targets like the nuclear receptors of the insects.

Area of Research in Plant Pathology

Lines of Research in Plant Pathology:

Line 1. Biology, ecology and physiology of nematodes, fungus and bacteria phytopathogenic and vírus

Project Themes:

  • Description, fungus phytopathogenic control associated to annual and perennial cultures;
  • Isolation and selection of the bacterias to the control of disease and promotion of vegetal growth;
  • Survey and description of the phytopathogenic virus in annual and perennial cultures.

Line 2. Molecular biology and plant-pathogen Interaction

Project Themes:

  • Control of plants disease: Molecular biology and physiology of plant-pathogen Interaction.

Line 3. Integrated control of nematodes, fungus, bacteria and virus

Project Themes:

  • Integrated management of disease in annuals cultures and fruit trees of temperate climate;
  • Meloidoginoses in the culture of soy in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina;
  • Lifting of specimens and associated damages;
  • Transmitted pathogens by seeds: Description, methods of detection and control.

Area of Research in Weed Science

Lines of Research in Weed Science:

Line 1: Ecofisiologia and management of weed plants

Project Themes:

  • Ecofisiologia and integrated management of weed plants in agricultural crops;
  • Sustainable/Alternatives management to control of weed plants;
  • Management of weed plants in native pastures and cultures in the south of Brazil.

Line 2: Physiological action of herbicide and resistance of plants to herbicides

Project Themes:

  • Physiology herbicides actions: Action mode, selectivity and plant dynamics;
  • Characterization of weed plants resistant to herbicides in lowlands;
  • Identification, characterization and management of weed plants resistant to herbicides in agricultural crops of dryland.

Line 3: Herbology and environment: Dynamics of herbicides and changes climetic

Project Themes:

  • Dynamics of herbicides in the productive environment;
  • Impact of climatic changes in weed science.

Line 4: Technology and innovation in herbology

Project Themes:

  • Development of herbicides formulations;
  • Agriculture 4.0;
  • Selection and edition of the genes;
  • Technology of herbicides applications.

Area of Research in Crop Protection

Lines of Research in Crop Protection:

Linha 1. Integrated pest management: weeds, insects and disease

Linha 2: Fisiologia de Herbicida e Resistência de plantas à herbicidas

Linha 3. Smart crop protection Agriculture 4.0