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The PPGFs have by general goal formed professionals highly enabled to develop education activities, research and extension to atentie important demand in the formation of human resource in Brazil and countries of Latin America, aimed on Mercosul. Currently the PPGFs enable the training in areas of entomology, plant pathology and weed science concentration, preparing the professionals to act with sustainable management of insects, desis and weed plants, respectively.

It’s worth pointing out that the goal of PPGFs is lined with at least 10 Objectives of Sustainable Development, the ODS proposed by ONU in the Agenda 2030 to the people, the planet and the prosperity, that search fortify the universal peace, eradicate the poverty and promote worth life to all, inside the limits of the planet.

Inside that specific goals is this Course Pedagogical Project are:


  • Provide the necessary knowledge to that students can elaborate the link between intellect/research/method scientific/docencia/demand formation elements in the market;
  • Domain of high technology used in the concentration areas;
  • Understand the connection between scientific knowledge and the capacity of intervention in a independent way and the creation of innovative solutions on concentration areas.


  • Plan, coordinate and implement project and actions on concentration areas and formation;
  • Act teaching and provide subsidies to connect the theory with the practice showing that the teacher is an agent of changes;
  • Applied the knowledge learned during the doctor/masters degree to planning the innovative actions to management insects, desis and weed plants;
  • Act in education institutions, research and extension or in P&D aiming the formation of human resources highly qualified and competitive.

Levels: Master’s and Doctor Degree

Didactic Regime: Are requirements to students of masters like to the doctoral with at least 32 credits in courses, each corresponding to 5 hours of theoretical classes or to practical works, exercises or research.

Durations: Masters: 24 months and Doctoral: 48 months

In 2017, three areas of knowledge (Herbology, Weed science and Plant Pathology), three areas of concentration to our program. Previously the PPGFS has just one area of concentration ( Plant Pathology), but in the last years, happens a consolidation of lines of research ( Weed Science, Plant Pathology and Herbology), with incorporation of new doctoral and master’s students  in every each of then, with a rise production of lines of research and the increase of balance of production. In 2021 is programmed the creation of one quarter of the concentration area of “Crop Protection”. Recently the PPG past by one new reformulation with the inclusion and update of the line of research (see below) and of the projects.

Figure 1. Actual struture and plan of  PPG in Phytosanitary. Crop Protection will be created in 2021.