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  • Prof. Moises Zotti gave a lecture entitled “RNAi in insects: from bench to field applications” in Montevideo;
  • Prof. Edinalvo Camargo – Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting – giving the lecture “An Overview of Herbicide Ban and Restricted Use in Brazil and South America”.


  • Prof. Luis Avila gave a lecture entitled “Weed Resistance in Brazil” na Syngenta Asia Pacific Headquarters;
  • Prof. Luis Avila participated da “41th Annual Meeting of Weed Science Society of Thailand” held in Bangkok, Thailand, giving a lecture on: ““An Overview of Herbicide Ban and Restricted Use in Brazil and South America”;
  • Prof. Luis Avila participated the “Weed Biology & Management Workshop: Exploring opportunities for inter-continental collaboration (South America, UK and USA) “held in Arlington, USA, giving a lecture on “Weed Issues in Brazil”;
  • Prof. Dirceu Agostinetto  –Lecture in Colombia.


  • Prof. Luis Avila taught Herbicide Physiology at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in Bogotá, for master’s and doctoral students from that University.


  • Prof. Luis Avila taught a course in Herbology at the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano in Puno, Peru.


  • Prof. Moises Zotti spoke at the Entomological Society of America Meeting (ESA), in Minneapolis, USA.


  • Prof. Flávio Garcia taught a course on Management of Fruit Flies in Uruguay.


  • Doctor Dori Nava gave a lecture at the XIII Seminario Nacional de Sanidad Vegetal, to give the lecture “Management of pests in temperate fruit growing in Brazil, with emphasis on fruit flies” from January 29 to 31, 2013, in Quevedo, Ecuador;
  • Prof. Luis Avila gave a lecture at the II Latin American Seminar on Red Rice, with a lecture entitled “Advances and problems of rice management practices applied to the control of red rice”;
  • Prof. Luis Avila presented a lecture on the dynamics of herbicides in irrigated rice at the invitation of Dr. Peter Burauel at the Jülich Forschungzhentrum, in Jülich, Germany.