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The graduate program in plant protection was created in 1991 as a concentration of the Agronomy program. In 1999 it included the doctorate degree and became the program Plant Protection Graduate Program (PPGFs), studying Entomology and Plant Pathology, and in 2001 it was included Weed Science in the scope of the program. Nowadays students from all over Brazil and from several countries. Our target audience are Biologists, Agronomists and Forest Engineers.

Mission and Objective

The Crop Protection Graduate Program have by goal formed professionals highly enabled to develop their education activities, research and extension to atentie important demand in the formation of human resources on Brazil and countries of MERCOSUL. The program enable the training in areas of entomology, plant pathology and weed science concentration, preparing the professionals to act with sustainable management of insects, desis and weed plants. Besides that, the activities of the program have contributed with generation of new knowledge and metrology related with the vegetal sanity, with a diffuse technology and the environment quality.

Egress Profile

The egress of the program must have a high technical and scientific background and have the ability to understand the productive system broadly, developing innovative and sustainable alternatives for crop protection; coordinate research groups in Companies, Research Centers and Universities; develop innovative research projects aimed at solving short, medium and long term problems; have a global view of phytosanitary problems, with the possibility of anticipating future problems in the changing world; innovate and undertake, generating value in their endeavors; have a global vision of science and extend to the local reality of the production system; and train human resources at undergraduate and graduate levels.