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Molecular Entomology Laboratory

The Laboratory of Molecular Entomology (Lab Ento Mol), opened in 2015, has an area of 40 square meters, conducts research with insects and focuses on molecular biology and bioinformatics.

It is equipped with:

  • 2 thermal cyclers;
  • 2 freezers;
  • a refrigerator, electrophoresis vats,dry block, pipettes, glassware, cell culture incubator, laminar flow, inverted microscope, luminometer, centrifuge and mini-centrifuge and all the basic peripherals for working with molecular biology of insects.

In 2016 Lab Ento Mol received funding and capital resources from the Universal Announcement 01/2016 (Range A up to R $ 30,000.00) from CNPq. In 2016, the laboratory received a donation from LNCC two IBM X-series 3659 7979 servers.

Also in 2018, a computer / workstation for bioinformatics and virtual molecule screening was acquired, resources coming from the same project.