Permanent Professor

Title: Doctor
UFPel Institution
Post: Titled Professor

Doctorate Degree: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
Country: Brasil
Year: 2007

Master’s Degre: UFRGS
Country: Brasil
Year: 2000

Graduation: UFPel
Country: Brasil
Year: 1998

Line of Research

Ecophysiology and weed management; herbology and environment: herbicide dynamics and climate change; physiology of herbicidal action and resistance of plants to herbicides; technology and innovation in herbology.

Occupation Area

Has experience in Agronomy, with emphasis on Herbology (Matology), working mainly on the following topics: ecophysiology, competition, integrated weed control in rice, soybean, corn and wheat, herbicide action mechanism and plant resistance. weeds to herbicides.


Ecophysiology and Weed Interference
Research Methodology in Herbology


Adriana Almeida do Amarante
Doctorate Degree

Cassiano Salin Pigatto
Master’s Degree

Jaqueline Schmitt
Master’s Degree