Permanent Professor

Title: Doctor
UFpel Institution
Post: Associate Professor

Doctorate Degree: Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel)
Country: Brasil
Year: 2006

Master’s Degree: UFPel
Country: Brasil
Year: 1996

Graduation: UFPel
Country: Brasil
Year: 1991

Occupation Area

Have experience in the area of Agronomy, with emphasis in defence Phytosanitary, acting mostly in the following themes: Chemistry Control, Biological Control, Phytosanitary Syrup to agroecological production, Phytosanitary Legislation, Soy Caterpillars, agricultural aviation. Teaches Plant Health, Agricultural Mechanization (pesticide application technology), Agricultural Aviation, Environmental Legislation and Impact, Environmental Legislation and Agro-environmental Law, acting in the modalities to distance and presential.


Legislation and Environmental Impact