Permanent Professor

Title: Doctor
UFPEL Institution
Post: Associate Professor

Doctorate Degree: Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel)
Country: Brasil
Year: 2011

Master’s Degree: UFPEL
Country: Brasil
Year: 2008

Graduation: UFPel
Country: Brasil
Year: 2005

Line of Research

Biology, ecology and management of insects and mites plague; molecular biological of insects; control and resistance of arthropods and insecticides.

Occupation Area

Bioactive peptide, Screaming system and general entomology.


Plague controls in stored product
Molecular Entomology


Daniel Estiven Quiroga Murcia
Doctorate Degree

Deise Cagliari
Doctorate Degree

Ericmar Avila Dos Santos
Doctorate Degree

Indyra Faria De Carvalho
Doctorate Degree

Larissa Longaray Machado
Master’s Degree