Course Program

History, importance and concepts of plant resistance to arthropods (insects and mites). Parameters and techniques for verifying the resistance related to the insect/mite and the plant. Resistance by non-preference, antibiosis and tolerance. Host selection by arthropods and Physical, chemical and morphological causes of resistance. Factors that affect the manifestation of resistance to plant, insect/mite and environmental factors. Obtaining and using plant extracts with insecticide/acaricide activity. Plant resistance in the context of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Aspects and components of a breeding program for plant resistance to arthropods. Understanding the genetics of resistance and obtaining and using transgenic plants resistant to insects/mites.Professor Responsável pela Disciplinas

Dr. Uemerson Silva da Cunha
SIAPE Registration: 2491349


17 Weeks


68 hours


UFPEL Campus