Course Program

Management, leadership and marketing: What is the need for these skills for plant health researchers? How management, leadership and marketing can be used by plant health researchers to make their work more effective and publicized. Preparing to be a leading researcher and manager in the area of ​​plant health. The theory of multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence, bases for leadership. Self-esteem and motivation as a basis for facing the challenges of plant health research. Information and knowledge. How to stay current in your area of ​​expertise. Tools for efficient and effective time management. Criativity and innovation. What can we do as researchers to be more creative and innovative. The importance of building and maintaining a network of relationships for researchers. Ethic. Communication, negotiation and teamwork: essential skills for a successful career. Career planning and personal marketing: know how to value your work.

Responsible Professor of Course

Dr. Marcos Botton
Embrapa Uva e Vinho


17 Weeks


34 hours


UFPEL Campus