Permanent  Professor

Title: Doctor
UFPel Institution
Poste: Associate Professor

Doctorate Degree: Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel)
Country: Brasil
Year: 2007

Master’s Degree: UFPel
Country: Brasil
Year: 2003

Graduation: UFPel
Country: Brasil
Year: 2002

Line of Reseach

Phytopathology; Seeds Pathology; Phytopathogenic Fungi.

Occupation Area

Acting in the areas of seeds pathology, taxonomy and variability (genetic and morphological) of phytopathogenic fungi, mainly contemplating the causative agents of helminthosporiosis. Acted in activities of teaching, searching and extension in the area of phytopathology with the Biological Institution of vegetal reproduction that belongs to the Universidade da Região da Campanha INTEC/URCAMP. Nowadays, professor of the Universidade Federal de Pelotas/ Faculdade de Agronomia ‘ Eliseu Maciel”.


Integrated management of plant disease
Control of disease
Detection methods of pathogens in seeds


Alice Beatriz Pena Medina
Doctorate Degree

Carolina Garcia Neves
Doctorate Degree

Mario Fernando Pinel Alvarez
Master’s Degree