Course Program

The course proposes to contribute to the general and related training of Post-Graduate students from the Plant Health and Agronomy Programs, providing knowledge in the area of ​​law and environmental impacts, through the approach of the following subjects: Notions of Law; Agriculture and environment; Registration of pesticides. Control; inspection and inspection of pesticides; Legal approach to pesticides; Environmental legislation; Agronomic prescription; Pesticides and the environment. Impact of biological control agents on the environment; Legal aspects associated with pesticides; Environmental licensing of rural activity. With this knowledge, the aim is for graduates to have training on legislation involving phytosanitary and environmental issues, encouraging compliance with legal determinations, as well as providing safe activities from an environmental point of view, when carrying out research and other activities involving products and phytosanitary measures.

Responsible Professor of Course

Jade Ribeiro Pinto


17 Weeks


68 hours


UFPEL Campus