Course Program

Recognition of insects, mites and mice that attack stored products. Purge, protective spray, thermofogging and rat control. Assessment of biotic and abiotic factors that affect the development of insects and mites in the warehouse. Alternative storage methods, peculiarities and differentiated controls. Estimates of losses caused by pests that affect stored products. Biotic potential and biological cycle of the main stored product insects. Types of damage that insects, mites and rats cause to stored products. Sampling techniques and determination of losses and infestation levels. Control measures: varieties, harvesting, drying, storage site prophylaxis, purge and protection measures. Gas toxicology and hazards, care, gas protective equipment and gas detection equipment. Procedures with gas application under different storage conditions. Use of anticoagulant and neurotoxic rodenticides and preparation of baits. Alternative pest control measures in stored grain.

Responsible Professor of Course

Dr. Alci Enimar Loeck
SIAPE Registration: 0420275


17 Weeks


68 hours


UFPEL Campus